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TAP Mission

Contribute to Rakuten Group and the external world by bringing innovation in testing services to deliver high quality products confidently in less than 50% of the expected time and cost.

History of TAP


  • In the early 2020s, Rakuten's various services had different test automation frameworks and were person-dependent.
  • Automation was all about manually writing code and could not maintain the speed of development. Hence, all automation frameworks had to be shelved.

So, for every release Rakuten's services running automation were zero which resulted in:

  • massive number of repeated manual efforts
  • increase in production defects
  • loss of revenue
  • loss of confidence from stakeholders and so on.


  • One automation platform for all the interfaces (GUI, API, MOBILE, and COMMAND LINE) of the product.
  • Codeless automation approach for test automation to complement the speed of development changes.
  • Reliable automation at every stage of software testing life cycle (STLC) starting from requirement analysis.

Why do you need TAP?

The biggest problems impacting software testing teams across the IT industry are:

  1. Data is scattered across multiple tools and frameworks.
  2. Data flow is disconnected at every stage of STLC.
  3. Automation is manually writing code.

Autherization table

How TAP works?

TAP addresses the above problems in an innovative way.

  1. Brings multiple tools together into one platform masking complexity.
  2. Provides continuous data flow at every stage of STLC.
  3. Supports codeless automation including PDM and manual tester. Anyone can perform robust automation.

Autherization table

What value does TAP bring to you?

  1. Enables testing right from requirements – left shift.
  2. Targeted test cases when application changes – auto deprecate/update tests.
  3. Speeds up test automation with built-in infra – codeless algorithm and SaaS.
  4. Targeted testing when application changes – auto selection of regression tests.
  5. Centralised test reports.

The following video is for your reference only. Please note that the documentation supersedes the video.